Doerte Grimm

grew up in the north of Brandenburg/Germany and moved to Berlin in 1997 to study Journalism/Communication Science/History and Ethnology. In 2008 she started working as a freelance director and author. She directs and produces documentaries, image films and trailer. As an author she writes novels for children and young adults.

She has always been a huge fan of history. To capture the stories of reality as she sees them on film was one of her biggest dreams. Her work often focuses on people and how they are reflections of history. As she feels strongly connected to her East German roots her first feature documentary film portrays the last contemporary witnesses of former East German life.

Unadvised. Children of the Change

documentary, Germany 2015

directed by Doerte Grimm

Robert, Alexandra, Saskia and Robert belong to the youngest generation of the DDR who can still remember what it was like before the Peaceful Revolution. Society changed as they were developing from children to young adults. In this time of personal insecurity, the world around them changed quickly. Anything that could have supported them disappeared. This meant they had to find their own way.

Origin, identity and memory shape our view of the world. How does one recall the experiences of a naive and lively childhood in the light of later debates about the illegitimate state, Best of DDR shows or victim-offender reports? Are these early experiences suitable for life in a new society? Or does one have to escape the past, the emotional home, to find it again somewhere else?




Daniel Muff was born and raised in Stuttgart, Germany. He worked abroad and studied Ethnology in Muenster. He works as a freelance cameraman and author. He lives in Berlin.


Martin Czinczoll was born in East Berlin in 1976. He learned editing and post production at House of Packshots. He works as a freelancer for movies, documentaries and advertising.


Sascha Blank was born in Berlin in 1987, studied pop / world music and classical music, majored in piano as well as film music at University of Rostock. He composes for movies, works at studios and plays piano in different formations.